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Available in Rs: Rs.5/- Pack

Enjoy Delicious and Mouthwatering Popcorns from Priniti Foods

Who doesn’t like freshly popped popcorns? Whether it’s a movie, match or a family gathering, these little treats can easily bring a wide smile. Kids as well as adults love to savour these delicacies. And the best part is, they offer an absolutely guilt-free snacking option.

The search for tasty as well as healthy snacks comes to an end with Priniti’s popcorn range. Its yummy taste, delicious flavours and fresh feel compels you to ask for more.

  • Mouthwatering popcorns prepared from fresh corn kernels.
  • Made from highest quality corn sourced from natural and organic cultivators.
  • Awesome flavours to suit all your moods.
  • A healthy treat for people of all ages.
  • A great snack on-the-go.
  • Guilt-free low calorie treat for health conscious people.

Try Yummy Popcorns Manufactured by Best Popcorn Companies in Delhi

Priniti Foods is one of the topmost popcorn companies in Delhi and is renowned for its outstanding taste and quality. We strive to produce the best quality popcorns from fresh corn kernels sourced from local cultivators. All our products are manufactured in hi-tech manufacturing units where we adhere to stringent safety procedures. When you taste Priniti’s popcorn, you can immediately feel the difference as it remains as fresh as new.

Why Choose Priniti Foods’ Awesome Popcorns?

Very few snacks and treats qualify as healthy and tasty. Popcorn tends to be the foremost contender for this position. This low-calorie, healthy snack is the ideal food for curbing untimely hunger pangs. It is also the perfect accompaniment for happy moments with family and friends. Can you ever imagine a movie or a game at home without popcorns? Pick Priniti’s excellent quality popcorns to relish its rich taste and excellent flavours.

Finest Variety of Popcorns from Priniti, One of theTop Popcorn Companies in Delhi

If you love popcorns, try Priniti’s awesome range of popcorns. It is crispy, crunchy and flavoured. Take a look at the delectable varieties offered by Priniti Foods.

Classic Salted: The Classic Salted variety is famous for its simplicity and freshness. Every packet retains the goodness of freshly popped popcorns and you can enjoy these guilt-free treats anywhere.

Butter Salted: If you prefer the finger-licking taste of butter, there is no match for the Butter Salted Popcorns. Munch on these low-calorie, healthy treats any time of the day and satiate your taste buds with its excellent flavours.

Try the finest variety of popcorns from Priniti Foods and feel the difference. Available in small as well as big packets, there is a popcorn for every occasion. Brighten up family parties and get-togethers with our fantastic range of popcorns.

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