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Available in 200g, 400g, 1kg
Smaller Packs Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20

Beat your Snack Hunger with Lip-smacking Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen

From the pre-lunch munching to evening snack hunger, Bikaneri bhujia namkeem from Priniti foods is a great choice. When you crave for something spicy and crunchy, grab the pack of delicious namkeen. It is a perfect snack item for all time munching.

To add rich and authentic flavours to your life, Priniti Foods provides a premium-quality Bikaneri bhujia. Be it a child, youngster, or an older adult; it is a healthy snack item for the people of all age groups. You would love to have this crispy and flavoursome snack. Bikhaneri bhujia makes a great choice for an evening teatime snack.

  • A spicy snack that can be had at any time of the day
  • Can be served to the guests
  • Made from high-quality gram flour and best spices
  • Available in different size packings

Bikaneri Bhujia- Culinary Uses

Bikaneri bhujia is a tangy, spicy, and crispy namkeen. You can have it alone or add it to various snacks and give a flavoursome treat to your taste buds. You can add punch to a variety of items like Dahi Vada Chaat, Sev Puri, Bhel, etc. and make them more delicious.

Healthy Snack- For All Time Munching

Whenever you feel hungry, just grab a small pack of namkeen and beat your hunger. Be it a post-breakfast, teatime, or pre-dinner time, Bikaneri bhujia is an ideal snack. Even if you are in office or college, you can enjoy this lip-smacking tummy filler at any place. If you travel frequently and hunger strikes, you can carry the pack of this appetising namkeen easily and enjoy it anywhere.

Different Packing Sizes

Either you have it alone, or with a group of friends, Bikaneri bhujia is available in different packing sizes. From small size to a family pack, you can grab a pack of crispy and crunchy namkeen according to your requirement and enjoy the fresh snack with tea and even cold coffee. The Bikaner bhujia is available in

  • Small Pack worth Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20
  • Bigger Pack of 200gms and 400gms also

Smaller packs are great choices for those who are crispiness conscious. Therefore, whenever you open the pack, you enjoy the fresh and crunchy snack.

What Makes Priniti Foods the leading Bikaneri Bhujia Manufacturer in India?

Here is a list of reasons why Priniti Foods is the top Bikaneri bhujia manufacturer in the country:

  • Rich and authentic flavours provided from the best spices and herbs
  • Namkeen is fried in high-quality as well as low cholesterol oil
  • Perfect balancing of the spices to offer great taste
  • Examined by experts for quality checks
  • The premium quality raw material is used for excellent quality
  • Superior packing to maintain the quality and freshness
  • Clean and hygienic manufacturing plants
  • World-class machinery with cutting edge technology for a best quality product

Give a tangy and spicy snack to your tummy and make the evening tea more special with mouth-watering Bikaneri bhujia namkeen by Priniti Foods.


  • Q1: What distinguishes Priniti Foods as a leading Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen manufacturer?

    Priniti Foods is renowned for its authentic Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen, crafted with traditional recipes and premium quality ingredients. As pioneers in the industry, we prioritize taste, quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • Q2: How does Priniti Foods ensure the authenticity of its Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen?

    Our Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen is made following time-honored recipes passed down through generations. We use authentic ingredients and employ skilled artisans to ensure that every batch retains the true essence of Bikaneri flavors.

  • Q3: Does Priniti Foods offer a diverse range of Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen products?

    Yes, our product line includes a variety of Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen snacks to cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic spicy Bhujia to innovative variations, we have something for every snack lover.

  • Q4: Are Priniti Foods' Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen products manufactured under hygienic conditions?

    Absolutely! We maintain strict hygiene standards throughout our manufacturing process to ensure the safety and quality of our Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen. From sourcing ingredients to packaging, cleanliness is our top priority.

  • Q5: Can I trust Priniti Foods for consistent quality and taste in its Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen products?

    Yes, consistency is the hallmark of our Bikaneri Bhujia Namkeen offerings. We take pride in delivering the same delicious taste and quality with every batch, earning the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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