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tikha mitha mix
Available in 200g, 400g
Smaller Packs Rs.5, Rs.10

Priniti Tikha Mitha Mix - Top Namkeen manufacturers in Delhi

Namkeens are closely entwined with growing up in Indian households, cousins, friends and siblings would bond over homemade tikha mitha namkeens. Though the times have changed, the custom has not changed yet. Best brand of Tikha Mitha Mix suppliers, Priniti foods, have ensured that people still bond with each other in adda sessions and through casual snacking.

We know how precious a little break is in our hectic lives; our products, with their zing and taste, make a break worth its while. Whether you are neck-deep in files, stressed about exams or need a simple snack to relax after a long day, trust the top namkeen suppliers, Priniti Foods

Every bite will leave you licking your fingers, here is why:

  • Tikha Mitha Mix manufacturers are highly hygiene conscious
  • The freshness makes Priniti Foods the best namkeen suppliers

When to eat Tikha Mitha Mix namkeens?

  • At a party
  • At your office
  • Casually munching
  • Relaxing
  • Craving tasty and branded snacks
  • Feeling homesick
  • Stressed
  • Travelling

In short, every time is a great time to open a bag of Priniti snacks, the best Tikha Mitha mix suppliers in Delhi.

Why Young Indians are loving Priniti Foods

We have laboured day and night to establish ourselves as the best Tikha Mitha Mix manufacturer in Delhi, but it has a wide range of products to offer devoted snackers. We have perfected the art of making Indian snacks that romance the Indian taste buds and brings to mind the memories of homemade bhajis and namkeens.

Experimentations are no-bar with this rich and spicy Tikha Mitha Mix, serve it with main meals or ground it as powder and use as masala. Try all the wacky ideas you have and you will end up with one result - Tikha Mitha Mix is the taste of pure India.

Such versatility and dedication to craft, has made Priniti Foods, the top Tikha Mitha mix manufacturers in Delhi.

Our range of products have everything on offer from Aloo Bhujia to Tasty Onion flavored potato chips. We understand how contended it feels to see a bag full of snack and not air. Our name is synonymous with trust, quality and quantity; everything that young India loves and values.

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