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Available in Rs: 10/-, 5/-

Double Mazza- Delicious and Healthy and Namkeen

Double mazza namkeen is one of the healthy and delectable snacks. It has the crunch as well as tangy and piquant flavour that makes it a wonderful snack choice for the kids and adults. The best thing about this namkeen is that it is nutritious as it contains chickpeas and peanuts.

Priniti Foods is known as one of the leading namkeen manufacturers in Delhi, offering a range of delectable namkeens. Double mazza is one of the healthy namkeen choices that is perfect to calm your hunger pangs.

Try the Healthy and Nutritious Namkeen

Double mazza namkeen is one of the most nutritious as well as a flavourful alternative to unhealthy snacks. Double mazza manufacturers in Delhi introduced this mouth-watering namkeen that you can have between meals or with evening tea as well. This would keep you filled and make you less tempted by the fatty goods. The reason behind keeping you filled is that this namkeen have the carbs, protein, fibre that requires longer to digest.

Priniti Foods, one of the best double mazza manufacturers offers you the best-in-class products that are known for the taste.

  • We make efforts to offer you the quality products at an affordable price.
  • We use all-natural ingredients that are sourced from the dependable cultivators
  • To ensure the freshness, all our products are packed in the best plastics

Nutritional Profile of Double Mazza

Apart from being tasty, this namkeen is healthy as well. The double mazza manufacturer uses superior quality material and maintains good hygiene to produce nutritious and delicious namkeen. The namkeen produced by the best namkeen manufacturers in Delhi have numerous nutritional benefits

  • Rich in fibre
  • Contains protein
  • Contains vitamins as well as minerals

Great Choice for Munching

Double Mazza is mouth-watering namkeen is a good munching choice offered by the top namkeen suppliers. You can even add this namkeen to some snack items like poha, chaat, or bhelpuri and make that snack more delicious. The best thing about this namkeen is that you can have it any time and stay in good health without worrying about your diet.

The top namkeen manufacturers introduced the double mazza namkeen in two packet sizes of Rs. 5 and Rs. 10. You can buy the packets of namkeen from the double mazza suppliers in Delhi.

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