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Available in Rs: 10/-, 5/- Pack

Enjoy Finger-Licking Treats from Priniti Foods - Best Punjabi Tadka Namkeen Manufacturers in India

Going from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner without munching on something is hard. Instead of running to the candy jar, try the mouth-watering Punjabi takdanamkeen, which is both flavourful and healthy. It is a delectable sev prepared from nutritive gram flour that is a widely preferred snacking food among vegetarians. Priniti Foods is one of the leading Punjabi tadka namkeen manufacturers in the country, offering this delish snacks with the richness of fresh ingredients.

Finest Quality Product from Speciality Punjabi Tadka Namkeen Manufacturers

Whether you are looking for a nice tea-time snack or a scrumptious appetizer for guests, Punjabi tadka is just for you. The taste of crunchy sticks tossed in the best spices and condiments is the ideal snack to satiate all hunger pangs.

Priniti Foods is dedicated to producing the best quality products that conform to the highest standards of taste and hygiene. The products are 100% natural, tasty and healthy that never fail to retain the goodness of natural ingredients.

Do you want to know what makes us different from other Punjabi tadkanamkeen manufacturers in the country?

  • Top-quality raw materials: We never compromise on quality and endeavour to bring you the best quality products. Our entire namkeen range is prepared with fresh and high-quality raw materials sourced from reliable cultivators. We ensure to use all-natural, product that is free from chemicals and pesticides.
  • Remarkable flavour: At Priniti Foods, we go an extra mile to ensure that our products offer a remarkable flavour to all customers. Our experts continually try to innovate and bring something new to the table.
  • Highest standards of hygiene: We have a top-notch manufacturing facility, where hygiene and quality are given the topmost priority. We observe international standards of quality to provide our customer with nothing but the best.
  • Free from preservatives: We are extremely focused onpreparing food products without the use of harmful preservatives or additives. This makes it fit for consumption for people of all ages.

Why Pick Punjabi Tadka Namkeen?

This light and crispy treat is perfect for all occasions. If you munch on this incredible snack in between your meals or during any other occasion, it is bound to fill you with lots of energy.

Beat Your Hunger with Delicious Snacks from the Best Punjabi TadkaNamkeen Manufacturers

Priniti Foods is committed to offering the highest quality edible products at extremely competitive prices. These products are widely preferred as they are known to combine health, quality and taste. As a leading Punjabi TadkaNamkeen Manufacturers in the country, we never compromise on the product quality. Every single item has to pass through rigorous channels of testing before it is presented out in the market.

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