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Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd, respects the privacy of all its existing and potential customers. The company’s Privacy Policy briefly describes the methods they adopt to collect, and use data shared by users on the site. You must read the company’s privacy policy carefully both if you are a customer and a visitor to our website.

Having access to any of the products/services offered by our website would mean that you are agreeing to the methods we use to collect and use our customers’ data.

Information That May Be or Is Collected from Our Customers or People Visiting Our Website

If you choose to register on the website, Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd can collect personal information such as your first and last name, contact details including mobile number, postal code, alternate email id, demographic profile (for instance, occupation, education, gender, age, etc.) from you. Additionally, the company would also gather data about the pages you visited or accessed, the frequency at which you visited various pages, the amount of time you spent on each page, the links you clicked, and so on.

Procedures We Adopt to Collect the Data

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd collects personal information of its customers by providing them the opportunity to complete a voluntary registration procedure, fill out an online survey form, or do a combination of both.

Our website may include links to other sites. However, Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd cannot be held responsible for those websites’ privacy practices. That’s because we don’t own, control, or manage any of those third-party websites.

How Do We Use the Information Collected Using the above Procedures?

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd uses the personal information of visitors and customers to make the experience of browsing through the website even more exciting for users. Having access to the personal data of users allows the company to come up with personalised features for them. As such information allows Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd to comprehend the varied needs and preferences of different customers, the company can even customise promotional offers for you.

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd will also share your personal data with its business partners and associates, who can contact you to provide other crucial services when you need them. We will also use this data for preserving transaction history abiding by the current policy or law.

Do We Share Financial Information of Our Customers with Third Parties?

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd will never use your financial data for any other purpose besides completing a monetary transaction when you buy something from our website.

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