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Try Appetising Peanut Snacks from Priniti Foods - the Best Tasty Peanuts Manufacturer

One of the most popular and highly versatile snacking varieties, peanuts are loved by everyone. These incredible munchies make for the ideal snack to satisfy untimely hunger pangs. Living by the age-old adage “Taste is the King”, Priniti Foods, a leading tasty peanut manufacturer, brings to you a range of yummy and delicious treats.

Priniti Foods has gained a commanding reputation in the market for offering a unique recipe in tasty peanuts. These flavourful snacks are full of essential nutrients and proteins, making it an ideal option for guilt-free snacking.

Why Choose Tasty Peanuts as Your Go-To Snack?

There is probably no household in the country that can resist the goodness of peanuts. The delicious snack is always bursting with flavour, making it a perfect choice for all occasions.

You will be glad to know that these amazingly delish and tasty peanuts from Priniti Foods also have a strong nutritional profile.

  • Even a small bag of roasted peanuts is packed with nutrients such as plant-based protein, key vitamins, minerals, and fibre.
  • Peanuts are known to support heart health and manage blood sugar levels.
  • This amazing snacking item also helps to manage weight by helping you stay full for a longer duration.

What Makes Us the Best Tasty Peanuts Manufacturer?

We observe a traditional peanut making recipe, where all the broken peanuts are first separated and only the unbroken ones are taken. These peanuts are then fried in an all-natural, high-quality oil and sprinkled with rich condiments that impart a unique texture and flavour. After the peanuts have thoroughly dried, they are packed in quality plastic pouches for sale in the market. Our tasty peanuts entice the taste buds of the consumers who cannot help but ask for more.


  • Delectable and indulging flavour
  • Crispy
  • Made from fine quality ingredients
  • Well-balanced flavours to please people of all ages
  • Competitive pricing
  • Available in various packaging sizes

Munch on Delicious Peanuts from the Best Tasty Peanuts Manufacturer

Peanuts are the perfect snack for parties, cocktails or any other occasion. You can use this versatile dish in plenty of ways. For instance, add a new dimension to your regular vegetable bowl by sprinkling some delish masala peanuts. Or you can also enhance the flavour and piquantness of your chat by adding some chapate peanuts.

At Priniti Foods, we handpick the best peanuts and other ingredients that make our peanut namkeen a scrumptious snack. Made with traditional methods, our products ensure prolonged freshness and higher shelf life. As a leading tasty peanuts manufacturer, we produce some of the finest varieties of peanuts. We are extremely focused on maintaining the highest quality standards for every product manufactured by us. We boast of a state-of-the-art facility that comprises modern equipment and technology.

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