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Priniti Gathiya- Delicious Savoury Snack

Be it a kitty party or a family get together, the delicious gathiya by Priniti Foods is something that can make the occasion special. Priniti Foods- one of the leading gathiya manufacturers in Delhi offers a wide range of delectable snacks. The soft and mildly salted gram flour strands are a great munching choice for people of all ages.

To put a break to the spicy and unhealthy snacks, the reputed gathiya manufacturer presents you with a lightly salted savoury snack. Be it kids or an elderly person, all can have the gathiya to satiate the hunger between the meals.

Try Gathiya- An Amazingly Delicious Treat

Without any doubt, Priniti Foods is one of the best gathiya manufacturers that offer the tasty as well as a superior quality product. Gathiya is a healthy and light alternative to the heavy as well as unhealthy snacks. The list of reasons that makes gathiya by Priniti Foods a great choice includes

  • There is no use of harmful chemicals
  • Manufactured from high-quality ingredients
  • Gram-flour, oil, spices and other material are sourced from the dependable cultivators in order to provide the quality product
  • An affordable way to quench the evening hunger

Nutritional Value of the Gathiya

Gathiya is a tasty savoury snack by the leading namkeen manufacturers in Delhi. Along with being tasty, this snack by top namkeen manufacturers is healthy as well. The gathiya is prepared from the ingredients of superior quality like edible vegetable oil, gram flour, salt, and other spices. The factors that make gathiya a healthy choice include

  • Contains carbohydrates
  • Rich in Protein
  • Contains fibre
  • Low in fat

The best thing about this snack by the best namkeen suppliers is that it keeps you full.

Healthy and Affordable Choice for All Time Munching

This snack item by the leading gathiya suppliers in Delhi is an ideal choice for all time munching. You can enjoy this snack with salads and pickles as well. You can also make an amazing chat by adding chopped onions, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice. Moreover, the pack of gathiya offered by the gathiya suppliers in Delhi is affordable.

You can get the pack of namkeen at Rs.5 by the gathiya suppliers and give a healthy and delicious treat to your taste buds.

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