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Priniti Foods’ Rusk—Everyone’s Favourite Crunchy Tea Time Snack

Different from biscuits and yet enjoyable, rusks have their charm. For instance, evening chai would never be considered complete if you can’t dunk a few rusks in your hot steaming cup of tea.

Crisp and crunchy, just one or two are never enough. Long after you finish your quota of tea, you can still find yourself snacking on this all-time tea time favourite. If you always keep a packet of rusk from top Rusk manufacturers in India, you’ll always have a satisfying cup of tea every evening. And yes, if you have those terrible cravings we all experience, you can satiate your hunger with a couple of rusks instead of going hungry. Now, isn’t that a thought?

top rusk manufacturers in India with a Difference: Priniti Foods Packs in Good Health Too

If you go purely by taste, it’s not surprising that you reach out for a pack of rusks from this well-known Rusk distributors in Delhi. Perhaps, it’s been delighting your taste buds all this while when you’ve been oblivious to its many good health properties. But now, let’s fill you in on the number of health properties each rusk comes to you with:

  • Made from suji, this amazing snack is baked, so you enjoy the goodness of baked food.
  • Your muscles remain strong and healthy because of suji’s high magnesium and calcium content.
  • It also contains selenium that protects the heart, keeps it healthy and well, and enhances cardiovascular health.
  • Its rich iron content helps protect one from anaemia and increases blood circulation.
  • Since suji is extracted from wheat, these rusks are fiber-rich. This helps regulate your bowel movement.
  • Its high content of Vitamins B complex and E contribute to giving you a strong immune system.

Why Choose Priniti Foods as India’s Top Rusk Manufacturers in India?

Priniti Foods is endowed with many superb reasons for you to reach out and snack on its lip-smacking, finger-licking snack foods. Here are the chief among them that you’re sure to agree with. Read on to explore:

  • Priniti Foods gives you the crispiness in every bite of rusk.
  • It’s packed in quality packaging so that it remains fresh and unbroken for long.
  • We have a network of quality suji suppliers all over India.
  • Our raw materials go through several levels of stringent testing before we accept them.

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