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Available in Rs: 25/-, 20/-, 15/-, 10/- & 5/- Pack

Priniti Food’s Ready to Eat Popcorn Packet is Delicious, Flavourful and Healthy

Eating popcorn is one of the healthiest snacking habits. Replete with the richness of wholesome ingredients, popcorns fill you with fibre and contain more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.

Priniti Foods is a leading popcorn manufacturer in the country, offering a delectable range of ready to eat popcorn packets. These bags of flavour are the ideal snack for fighting sudden hunger pangs.

Try Our Ready to Eat Popcorn Packet for a Gourmet Treat

Often regarded as a classic cinema treat, popcorns are the best and most nutritious alternative to unhealthy snacks. Snacking on air-popped popcorns in between meals can make you less tempted by candies and fatty foods. Also because they are so rich in fibre, they take longer to digest, keeping you feeling full for a long time.

Priniti Foods offers you healthy and delicious ready to eat popcorn packets in different flavours. We are dedicated to offering the best-in-class products, which are known to combine health and taste.

The Nutritional Profile of our Ready to Eat Popcorn Packet

Did you know that apart from being tasty, popcorns can be really healthy, if prepared in the best way?

At Priniti Foods, we bring to you popcorns which are made from the finest-quality kernels. The corn kernels are processed using state-of-the-art technology and under hygienic conditions to make popcorns which are delectable and nutritious.

Popcorns have the following nutritional benefits:

Luscious Flavours That You Will Absolutely Love!

Our ready to eat popcorn packets are available in two mouth-watering flavours. These flavours are a slight variation of the all-time favourite classic taste, which will leave you wanting for more.

Classic Salted Popcorn: Light and delicious, this classic flavour is a big-time favourite. It is garnished with nourishing ingredients, making it an ideal snack.

Butter Salted Popcorn: With the richness of butter, these amazing popcorns will simply melt into your mouth while leaving a lasting taste.

These flavours are available in different packet sizes of INR 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.

Healthy Snack for All Time Munching

Our ready to eat popcorn packet is great for munching at all times. Adding this scrummy snack to your diet can help you stay in good health, without having to count on your calorie intake. So go ahead and grab your packet now.

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