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If you wish for a hot and refreshing snack to be served with tea or coffee, lehsun sev namkeen variety can be the ideal munchies for your family. You can always trust Priniti Foods as the best namkeen suppliers and manufacturers in Delhi

To start with, lehsun or garlic sev is a savoury item that is deep-fried in oil. The dough is made of chickpea flour that is flavoured with garlic. If you are making at home, you need not knead the dough too much. You just have to combine all ingredients and put the dough inside a sev press to get the special shape.

Top namkeen manufacturers Priniti Foods can give consumers superior quality garlic sev that has a prominent garlic flavour. You can buy in bulk as a store owner or for your personal home purposes and store the garlic sev for many months. Namkeen lehsun sev is very addictive with crispy salty flavours.

You can make an online search for leading namkeen manufacturers in Delhi or lehsun sev manufacturers. Indians love munching on delicious lehsuny sev snacks during tea-time and you may even present them to guests along with juice or tea.

Namkeen garlic sev is also a pure vegan food and included as a traditional Diwali recipe. Many people prepare this easy and light snack at home for Diwali. If you wish to gift this special Indian snack to your foreign-based friends, then you may purchase in bulk quantity from top lehsun sev suppliers in Delhi, Priniti Foods. Kids, youngsters, and elders all love to indulge in this wondrous salt and garlic-based food.

When you are not very hungry and just want to taste yummy namkeen savouries, traditional Indian snack items are the best and the most favourite. They are tasty treats and you can choose from a wide range of spicy fried Indian eats and get them from any local store. The lovely mixture of spice, salt, and fried taste feels quite heavenly, especially when you are relaxing or watching a movie in the comfort zone of your home.

Offering savoury foods to friends and relatives across India can be effortless when you contact Priniti Foods who are the top namkeen suppliers in the Indian Subcontinent. Famed for its premium food quality products in the FMCG segment, Priniti Foods offering of crispy lehsun sev ensures both great taste and good quality. You can order all your snack items from Priniti Foods lehsun sev suppliers and never be disappointed.


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