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Turn - Every Crunch And Munch Is A Guaranteed Head Turner

Ever since Turn had appeared on the market, Turn suppliers in Delhi are having a hard time living upto customer’s demands. Throughout lockdown, people have craved for the little packet of Turn filled with the richness of Indian spices.

Made out of corn, Turn is a healthy variant of snacking that health-conscious Indians like so much. Neither is it too spicy nor too salty; it has the perfect balance of zing and twang that excites the Indian taste buds

How Did Turn Become So Popular

One of the greatest joys of Indian families is to sit together, enjoying the various namkeens and snacks that are found of market shelves. People love it when the traditional snacks come with a little twist of taste and appearance. Turn manufacturers hit the right chord in Indian culture by introducing a new snack which delivered just that and more:

Healthy Snack- For All Time Munching

  • Tastes salty, tangy and spicy all at the same time
  • It puffy and melts in your mouth. Either way, you can enjoy the crunch as well
  • Made with corn sourced from the best corn cultivators of India
  • Natural additives, no harmful ingredients
  • It unites vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • Pocket friendly - you can stuff it in your jeans and carry it as you like
  • Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Turn is here to stay

Tough competitions can easily scare away brands which don’t have their heart and word in the same place, but not the Turn manufacturer. Priniti Foods know that brands will come and go but it’s the quality that people come for and stay with the brand.

We care for people, that’s why people care for us.

At it’s very core, Priniti Foods is an Indian brand first; we have dedicated ourselves to bring joy, taste, hygiene and health in snacking. We are not just the largest Turn manufacturers in Delhi, our products range from classic snacks, finest flavours of potato chips, fried namkeens to spicy peanuts. Taste doesn’t have any boundaries; we have something in store to delight a snacker any time of the day.

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