Priniti: A Well-Known Popcorn Manufacturer in India
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Priniti: A Well-Known Popcorn Manufacturer in India

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as one of the popular popcorn manufacturers in India. The company has been considered as one of the top players for offering first-rate quality products at an affordable price.

It makes use of strict quality measures in its state-of-the-art facilities to deliver top-grade quality food to the customers all over India. Superior quality food product, effective distribution network, and competitive pricing make Priniti Foods a reputed manufacturer of popcorn in India.

Priniti Food’s Primary Focus is on the Popcorn Quality

The company has emerged as one of the top players of the industry for delivering top-grade quality food at an affordable price promptly. It maintains top-grade quality snacks by adopting strict quality measures and making use of top-notch quality raw materials.

Knowing well the key factor a company has to concentrate on to create brand awareness is quality, Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. emphasizes solely on quality.

Client Suggestions Plays An Important Role In Improving Food Quality

Being a customer-oriented company Priniti’s key objective is establishing itself as one of the best popcorn manufacturers. We try our level best to keep the potential customers satisfied. We emphasize considerably on the customer testimonials, advice, and feedback. Based on client suggestions, we make our products better.

Priniti Makes Use of High-Quality Raw Materials to Produce Top-Grade Popcorn

The quality of the popcorn relies considerably on raw material quality. There are various kinds of popcorn. In one of the varieties, the key raw material is corn, and flavouring is required in the microwave type of popcorn. We source the raw materials from the authentic suppliers only.

Adopting Top-Grade Quality Measures Enables Priniti in Maintaining Popcorn Quality

The company adopts all types of measures for manufacturing popcorn in state-of-the-art facilities. Throughout the procedure of popcorn manufacturing, we make use of stern measures for stocking the food grains in well-designed warehouses. We record various warehouse transactions and update the inventory carefully. All through the procedure of manufacturing, processing, and packing the popcorn, Priniti Foods adopts stern quality measures.

Priniti Ensures Quality is Maintained Throughout the Popcorn Manufacturing Process

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. maintains quality throughout the procedure of popcorn manufacture. Every step from cleaning the corn to making sure proper pollination of the corn ears takes place, we check out every step in the processing of popcorn. We make use of magnets, devices, and screens to remove unwanted kernels and stray materials. The proficient inspectors play a key role in removing the low-grade quality popcorn based on the type of the corn kernel.

The Company Offers Two Types of Popcorn

Priniti Foods provides two kinds of delicious popcorn; the ‘Classic Salted’ and the ‘Butter Salted’ variety. The classic flavour is the popular variety that will never decrease in demand. The spicy ‘Butter Salt’ flavour is delish and is a hot favourite of the Indians. We prepare both the variants of popcorn, adopting stern quality measures. The R&D professionals experiment from time to time to produce popcorn in various flavours.

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