Printi: One of the Most Sought-After Namkeen Suppliers in India

Snack is a popular food item loved by most of the Indians. Snack is a light food that can satiate the pangs of hunger between lunch and dinner. From allaying the hunger to burning the fat, there are scores of advantages of having snacks. One of India’s top namkeen suppliers is Priniti.

Assorted Flavours of Traditional Namkeen

The company offers a humongous variety of namkeens mainly two types; that is hot-favorite and traditional. Priniti has earned the name of being one of the best namkeen products manufacturers and offers different types of traditional namkeen like bikaner bhujia, Sev murmura, Cornflakes mixture, Aloo bhujia, Tasty nuts, etc. The moong dal flavoured namkeen is crunchy and salty and is a hot-favorite among the Indians. The masala muri is another favourite snack among the Indians and this puffed-rice namkeen variant is well-accepted by Indians across India. The salted peanut flavoured namkeen is among the top-selling namkeen varieties in India. The other traditional namkeen flavours are Kashmiri kaju mixture, cornflakes mixture, Punjabi tadka, aloo bhujia, hing jeera chana, chatpati dal, navratan mixture, etc.

New Tangy Flavours of Namkeen

Apart from the traditional namkeen flavours, Priniti Foods offers piquant namkeen flavours like Jungle Masti, A to Z and Moon Chips suitable for the Indian palate. These flavours have been accepted well by the Indian customers. Priniti conducts surveys and invites customer suggestions for introducing the right type of flavours in the market. This is a brilliant business strategy and has proved effective for the success of the company.

Apart from offering a humongous variety of namkeens, Priniti ensures high-quality in preparing, preserving, storing and packing the namkeens. We look into every aspect right from processing the namkeens in the factories to stocking them in the high-end warehouses and then effectively distributing them by means of a proficient delivery network. Moreover, we introduce new namkeen flavours in the market every now and then to boost sales. We introduce flavours that are preferred by the Indians. We conduct surveys and encourage customer feedbacks. Based on the inputs provided by our clients we bring to the market a wide array of flavours.


With the arrival of cutting-edge technology, the snack items of Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. are produced with the help of machines. We take good care of our machines and they are cleaned and maintained regularly. Priniti Foods has been able to carve a niche for itself with its unbeatable price, top-grade quality products and variety of flavours. We have situated in Delhi NCR and effectively deliver our snack items across India. Our company boasts of a prime location and this has enabled it to successfully carry out their business all over India. Our commendable distribution channels ensure prompt delivery of the snack items across the country.

The Top-Selling Namkeen Varieties from Namkeen Suppliers

Snack is an item that is consumed in-between heavy meals. Healthy snack items manufactured under hygienic conditions can improve the mood and mental condition of a person. From burning fat to enhancing mood and increasing focus and productivity, the pros of eating snacks is innumerable. Keeping this in mind many reputed snack suppliers have emerged in the Indian market. Among the top namkeen suppliers in India is Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. The company supplies a comprehensive range of traditional namkeen and all-time favourite namkeen products in India.

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The Best Potato Chips Variants Loved in Indian Subcontinent

A reputed manufacturer and supplier of healthy delish snacks in India is Priniti Foods. The Company is located in the Delhi NCR and is doing roaring business. The success of the company to a large extent depends on its superior quality products. We make use of top-grade quality raw materials to manufacture an array of snack items that includes potato chips, popcorns, Ringo star, traditional namkeen, and sweets. A host of flavours, state-of-the-art warehouses, and facilities, as well as unbeatable prices, has helped us to dominate the market.

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Priniti Foods: The Best Snacks Loved by Children and Adults

Priniti Foods has become known as one of the best manufacturers of snacks in the entirety of India, and the reason for this is that they have some of the tastiest quality Snacks in the country. A manufacturer of Snacks that has become famous in the country, Priniti Foods, is located in Delhi NCR, has become one of the best centrally located manufacturer of Snacks in the country, and have managed to make their products famous throughout the country for their taste and quality. One of the best facts about this company is the fact that they produce their products not just in a single flavour, but in a variety of flavours and types that have really managed to make their customers famous. Continue reading “Priniti Foods: The Best Snacks Loved by Children and Adults”

Priniti: The Best Potato Chips Manufacturer in India

An Introduction to Priniti Foods

India is a nation that wants the best in food items, and this need has been satisfied for a long time by Priniti Foods, which has risen over the years to be one of the most popular manufacturers of food items in the nation.

We all know that Potato Chips, and other such snacks, are pretty famous throughout the nation, as kids, teens, and adults like Potato Chips and other such snacks. Priniti Foods are known as one of the best manufacturers of Potato Chips in the nation, as Priniti Foods has been supplying India with some of the best Potato Chips varieties in the country. Continue reading “Priniti: The Best Potato Chips Manufacturer in India”

Priniti Products: Perfect alternative to enjoy in between meal times!


Snacks and sweets are something which we all love to have during breakfast or with evening tea-break. Priniti Foods Private Limited is a new name in the field of namkeen and food items. With unique taste, competitive prices, and impeccable quality, we have known as the most preferred manufacturers of Indian traditional namkeen and food items such as Rings, puffs, namkeen, potato chips and sticks etc.

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