The Top-Selling Namkeen Varieties from Namkeen Suppliers

The Top-Selling Namkeen Varieties from Namkeen Suppliers

Snack is an item that is consumed in-between heavy meals. Healthy snack items manufactured under hygienic conditions can improve the mood and mental condition of a person. From burning fat to enhancing mood and increasing focus and productivity, the pros of eating snacks is innumerable. Keeping this in mind many reputed snack suppliers have emerged in the Indian market. Among the top namkeen suppliers in India is Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. The company supplies a comprehensive range of traditional namkeen and all-time favourite namkeen products in India.

Priniti Foods delivers a huge variety of namkeen products of high-quality to different states of India and thereby has earned the name of one of the best namkeen products manufacturers in India. It offers namkeen in two categories; traditional and hot-favourite.

Traditional Namkeen

Indians are spicy and crunchy food lovers and hence’ namkeen’ forms one of their must-have snack items. Popular traditional namkeen suppliers in India offer a humongous variety of this popular snack item. Priniti Foods being one such supplier offer ‘namkeen’ such as sev murmura, bikener bhujia, cornflakes mixture, tasty nuts, aloo bhujia and much more. Some of the top-selling ‘namkeen’ the company supplies in the traditional category are as follows.

Moong Dal: Indians love pulses and this pulse-based namkeen has become a favourite among many Indians. Its salty and crispy nature makes it an ideal tea-time snack that many Indians cannot resist.

Masala Murmura: Many Indians prefer a light snack known as ‘moori’ spiced up with cucumber, potato, chili and a dash of lemon during the evening. It is basically ‘puffed rice’ and masala murmura is an innovative variant of this snack which has earned a lot of popularity in India.

Salted Peanut: The ideal Indian snack for nut lovers is ‘salted peanut’. It is made with the best quality ingredients and is considered among the top-selling namkeen products in India.

Bikaner Bhujia: The popular Rajasthani-based crispy snack prepared with ‘besan’ (gram flour) and ‘moth beans’ has become a quintessential teatime snack in India. Priniti Foods has added their special touch to market this popular snack in India in a whole new way.

Hot-Favourite Namkeen

Apart from the traditional namkeen, the company offers creative new flavours such as Moon Chips, Jungle Masti and A to Z in well-designed packages.

Get in Touch with Priniti Foods

If you are looking for a snacks supplier that offers top-grade quality snacks in India, your best bet is Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. The Delhi-based company has earned a huge clientele across India with its unrivalled product quality and fair price. The company strives to maintain its quality by taking strict quality control measures during processing in factories, storing in warehouses and distributing through effective channels all over India. To improve quality and introduce a wide array of flavours in the market, Priniti Foods conduct surveys and invite suggestions from their valuable customers.

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