How Do Reputed Popcorn Manufacturers Ensure Quality?

How Do Reputed Popcorn Manufacturers Ensure Quality?

Priniti Food Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as one of the best popcorn manufacturers in India. It is a Delhi-based company and supplies its products across India. The company has been able to acquire a huge clientele base all over India for its top-class quality products manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. The company adopts stringent quality measures to keep its name untarnished in the market. Being based in the capital of India, Delhi, it has helped Priniti Foods to capture the Indian market. With its proficient delivery system, the company supplies its snack items promptly across India.

Priniti Foods Supplies Top-Notch Quality Popcorn across India

Priniti Foods have conquered the Indian market with its unparalleled quality, timely product delivery, and economical prices. The company has maintained high-quality in manufacturing its snack items in the following ways.

Inputs from Clients: Being a customer-oriented company, customer delight is the key aim of the company. Hence we leave no stone unturned to please our target customers. We encourage our customers to write to us proving their opinions, suggestions, and feedbacks. The client inputs inspire us to improve the quality of our products.

High-Quality Raw Materials: The quality of the popcorn depends on the raw material chosen. In some kinds of popcorn the key raw material is the corn and for the microwave popcorn, salt, soybean oil, as well as flavouring, are essential. We make an earnest effort to procure the raw materials for making popcorn from reputed and certified vendors only.

Infrastructure: We manufacture popcorn in our futuristic facilities taking all quality measures. We store our top-grade quality popcorn in well-equipped and state-of-the-art warehouses. With the help of our well-structured and organized ‘Warehouse Management’ System, we can unload and load our snack items within a short period of time. We make an earnest effort to update our inventory by recording the goods delivery and all warehouse transactions.

Priniti Foods Ensures Quality in Every Step of Popcorn Manufacture

Manufacturing of popcorn is an elaborate process. First of all, the corn is grown in the fields maintaining proper temperature, moisture content and soil condition. It is then sent to the factory where the processing and packaging take place. The company adopts special ‘quality control’ practices during the processing of popcorn in the factory. The company makes sure that ‘pollinating the corn ears’ take place correctly in the factory. It assures the corn cleaning process takes place properly as well. We make use of a series of devices and screens for removing unwanted kernels and stray materials. Priniti Foods use magnets as well for removing metal bits which may be present in the kernels from storage bins or farm machinery. Finally, adept ‘quality-control’ inspectors observe the corn kernels and remove the poor-quality ones.


Priniti Foods offer mouth-watering snack items and one of its top-selling products is popcorn. The ‘Classic Salted ‘and the ‘Butter Salted’ are the two popular popcorn variants the company offers. We take strict quality measures to deliver the best popcorn across Indian sub-continent.

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