One of the Top Players in Manufacturing Popcorn in India

One of the Top Players in Manufacturing Popcorn in India

One of the most sought-after popcorn manufacturers in India is Printi Foods Pvt. Ltd. This Delhi-based company delivers its products all over India. The company has earned rave reviews and clients across India for selling top-grade quality products. To maintain its brand name the company adopts stern quality measures. With its top-grade quality products and effective delivery channels, Priniti has been able to carve a niche for itself in the market.

Priniti Foods Delivers Top-Grade Quality Popcorn All over India

Priniti has made its presence felt in the market across India with its prompt product delivery, unsurpassed quality and competitive price. The company maintains top-notch quality snack items with the help of state-of-the-art infrastructure, stern quality measures, first-rate quality raw materials, etc.

Company Improves its Quality Based on Client Feedbacks

Priniti is a customer-centric company and its main objective is to emerge as one of the top popcorn suppliers in India. We go to any length to keep our target customers satisfied. We give a lot of importance to the customer feedbacks, advice and testimonials. Suggestions from the clients urge us to improve our products.

To Produce Top-Notch Quality Pop Corn Company Sources Authentic Raw Materials

Popcorn quality depends a lot on the quality of the raw materials used. In one type of popcorn, corn is the chief raw material while in the microwave type flavouring, soya bean oil etc. is required. We acquire the material from credible suppliers only.

Taking Quality Measures Help Priniti to Maintain Popcorn Quality

Priniti takes all quality measures to manufacture popcorn in well-equipped facilities. After manufacturing the popcorn we take strict measures to stock it in well-structured warehouses. We make it a point to update the inventory and record the warehouse transactions. Throughout the processing and packaging of popcorn, the company ensures strict quality measures are taken. From corn cleaning to ensuring correct pollination of corn ears, we look into each and every step of popcorn processing. We use screens, devices, and magnets for removing the stray materials and unwanted kernels. Finally, the competent inspectors remove the inferior grade popcorn based on the quality of corn kernels.

Priniti Offers Two Variants of First-Rate Quality Popcorns

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. offers two types of lip-smacking popcorn variants. The Classic Salted popcorn variety is an all-time favourite of the Indian customers and would never go out of demand. The zesty Butter Salted flavour is a relatively new flavour that suits the Indian taste buds and is widely accepted across India. We prepare the different types of popcorn maintaining strict quality measures in our high-end facilities. Our R&D team experiments every now and then to come up with different flavours of popcorn.

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