Priniti Products: Perfect alternative to enjoy in between meal times!

Priniti Products: Perfect alternative to enjoy in between meal times!


Snacks and sweets are something which we all love to have during breakfast or with evening tea-break. Priniti Foods Private Limited is a new name in the field of namkeen and food items. With unique taste, competitive prices, and impeccable quality, we have known as the most preferred manufacturers of Indian traditional namkeen and food items such as Rings, puffs, namkeen, potato chips and sticks etc.

Priniti’s packaged foods are baked in a hygienic atmosphere and are packed with high-quality preservation ways. Whatever food we make is totally hygienic in terms of the making of processing potatoes, cutting, grilling, frying which makes us the best Potato chips Suppliers.

Potato Chips

We conduct our operations in a professional manner and our products are made of quality raw materials. We are manufacturer and supplier of popcorn and chips. The health benefit of having healthy Nutrient-based, Namkeens and Light Snacks between meals is to keep the metabolism up for greater fat burning. When one doesn’t eat for few hours, it lowers the metabolism function of the body and conserves calories rather than burning them. Eating light and healthy snacks help to untimely prevent hunger pangs that often become a cause of overeating later.

With the advent of a new technology, all the products of Priniti foods are manufactured by machines in tons of quantities. The cleanliness of machines is done on a regular period. All the things related to making Namkeens, Papads, Chips and other products are produced with the help of a machine expect the distribution process.

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