The Best Potato Chips Variants Loved in Indian Subcontinent

The Best Potato Chips Variants Loved in Indian Subcontinent

A reputed manufacturer and supplier of healthy delish snacks in India is Priniti Foods. The Company is located in the Delhi NCR and is doing roaring business. The success of the company to a large extent depends on its superior quality products. We make use of top-grade quality raw materials to manufacture an array of snack items that includes potato chips, popcorns, Ringo star, traditional namkeen, and sweets. A host of flavours, state-of-the-art warehouses, and facilities, as well as unbeatable prices, has helped us to dominate the market.

Flavours Galore at Priniti Foods

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. offers a humongous variety of flavours in the different category of snack items. As one of the top popcorn manufacturers in India, the company offers delectable flavours of popcorn. A hot-favourite among the Indian customers is the ‘butter-salted’ and ‘classic –salted’ popcorn flavours. The company gives special attention to the processing and packaging of popcorn, potato chips and other snacks to maintain its richness and wholesome benefits. Being known as one of the reputed potato chips manufacturers in Delhi, Priniti foods offer a huge variety of flavours.

Traditional ‘Classic’ Salted: The all-time favourite classic salty variety of potato chips will never cease to become popular among the Indian customers. It is one of the hot-selling items across the Indian sub-continent.

Tangy ‘Cream n Onion’: If you are bored with the plain salted potato chips, tickle your taste buds with a zesty creamy and onion flavour. This spicy flavour would make you want more and more. The R&D team of the company experiments every now and then to introduce potato chips flavours in the market that would suit the taste buds of the Indian people.

Piquant ‘Masala Punch’: Indian cuisine is known for its rich and spicy flavour. The appetizing ‘masala’ flavour of the potato chips does full justice to the Indian palate and hence has become a top favourite of the Indian customers.

Flavourful ‘Tomato Punch’: The latest potato chips variant introduced by the company is sure to win hearts. It has an aromatic and zesty flavour and can satisfy your taste buds like no other.

Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. has been able to conquer the Indian market with its sweeping range of products made available at an affordable price. The company operates from Delhi and supplies its customers all over the Indian sub-continent. We make a special effort during the processing of our food items in our well-equipped and maintained facilities. We take great care and precaution during every step of potato chips manufacturing process. The company looks into every step of the frying, grilling, processing, storing and distribution of the potato chips in well-designed packages. Stern quality control, competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and mouth watering flavours have helped Priniti Foods to emerge as one of the top players of the market.

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