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Priniti Potato Chips -Tasty and Crunchy

Whether it is a family gathering or a corporate event, the ever so delicious Priniti Food’s Potato Chips are sure to make every occasion special. Printi Foods- one of the top 10 potato chips company in Indiaoffers you a respite from your mundane life in the form of a delectable range of snacks. The chatpata taste, the kararafeel and anytime hungerquenching – these snackswill leave you asking for more.

To infuse somefinger-lickingflavours into your dull and boring life, Priniti Foods presents to you the widest range of potato chips.Fall in love with every bite you take. We are without any doubt one of the premier potato chips manufacturers in the country. The taste we offer will simply mesmerize you.

  • Fouramazingflavours to please your taste bud
  • Manufactured from organically-grown,high-qualitypotatoes
  • No use of any harmful chemicals
  • Potatoes are sourced from reliable cultivators in the countryin order to provide you a promise of quality
  • Pocket-friendly wayto quench your cravings

Wide variety for every mood and taste by Priniti Foods- Ranked among the Top 10 Potato Chips Company in India!

Love for potato chips is universal. Whenyou talk about the most reliable trusted potato chips supplier in India, we rule the chart. Pick up a packet as per your taste preference and you are good to go:

Classic Salted: Nothing can beat the allure of the classic plain salted potato chips. We offeryou the right flavours onto your fingertips! There are no preservatives and no artificial flavours. Enjoy the pure classic salted potato chips just for you.

Masala Punch: If spiciness is your true calling, open up the packet of Masala Punch.The flavour of garlic, onion, chilli, cayenne and other spices will simply delight your taste buds.

Cream 'n' Onion: The flavours of onion and sour cream go perfectly in sync. They are meant for the refined ones. The sweetness of onion blends really well with tanginess of thesour cream. These chips are a delight and form an integral part of cocktail snacks menu.

Why go forPrinitiFoods- The Top 10 Potato Chips Company in India?

There are so many reasons why you should open a packet of Priniti Food’s Potato Chips. Read on to find out.

  • You get the most delicious chips packed nicely in good quality plastic
  • We boast of apowerful network of high-quality potato cultivators in India
  • Potatoes from which the chips are made do not contain any harmful pesticides or chemicals
  • The raw materials,as well as the final products,go throughstrict testing norms to provide you the best quality
  • Hi-tech packaging system promises to keep the freshness, qualityand crispiness together
  • Satiate your hunger pangs with our low calories chips

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